A collaboration community to

combat climate change

create awareness

engage politically

help out non-profits

build tech together

unite consumer voices


Corise is a community that takes action on the issues that matter the most.
First up: climate change and the preservation of our planet.
We believe in the following ideas:


Common values not borders

Our geographical location does not describe who we are. What matters are shared values and beliefs about the world.


It's up to us now

There are issues too important to leave to our political and business leaders who often care more about power than the greater good.


Actions are louder than words

The time of complaining, speculating and bickering is over. We need to act and we need to do it now.


Collaboration is power

Our ability to collaborate at scale is what enabled our greatest achievements. It’s what makes us human and at the same time it’s our only viable response.



Our community will be governed by its members. All important matters will be put up for a vote. Corise itself will mainly play a mediating role.


No shareholders no profit

We will stay clear off external agendas and interests. Any potential future donations and revenue will in its entirety be used for the expansion of this platform.

Be part of Corise (Beta).

We are a value-based community - so we'll ask you a few more questions.
This ensures a harmonious and productive atmosphere from the start.
Corise will go live on 1 February 2017.

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